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Best Multi-Organ Transplant Hospital in Pimpri-Chinchwad, Pune

DPU Hospital, known as one of the best organ transplant hospitals in Transplantation. We are committed to maintaining the highest standard of care and responding to patients' needs compassionately.

Our top multi-organ transplant specialists have years of experience and expertise along with our dedicated nursing staff, who are supported by a well-established organisation equipped with cutting-edge technology and modern infrastructure.

If you're seeking the top organ transplant facility in Pune, go no further than DPU Hospital for comprehensive and expert care. Several factors, such as physicians with extensive experience and expertise, an integrated team-based approach, better outcomes, and optimal facilities make our hospital an excellent choice for transplant procedures.

Specialities in the Field of Transplant

DPU - Heart Transplant Services

Heart Transplant

We know heart transplants are complex. That's why we have a team of expert medical professionals who are specialists in heart transplant surgeries and after-care.

DPU - Liver Transplant Services

Liver Transplant

In order to provide the best possible care for patients with liver diseases, the DPU Hospital offers comprehensive and expert treatment for liver transplants.

DPU - Kidney Transplant Services

Kidney Transplant

A kidney transplant is also referred to as a renal transplant. DPU Hospital provides a large-scale, all-inclusive kidney transplantation programme for people with severe renal diseases such as kidney failure.

DPU - Corneal Transplant Services

Corneal Transplant

Our Corneal Transplant programme has helped many individuals restore their vision. This programme is known for its clinical results and competence.

DPU - Lung Transplant Services

Lung Transplant

We have state-of-the-art equipment, infrastructure, and medical expertise to treat critically ill patients who need a lung transplant.

DPU - Pancreas Transplant Services

Pancreas Transplant

We have state-of-the-art equipment, infrastructure, and medical expertise to treat critically ill patients who need a pancreas transplant.

DPU - Liver Transplant Services

Heart lung transplant

We have the expertise in the form of experienced medical experts, as well as all the state of the art infrastructure and equipment required to conduct successful heart and lung transplant surgeries on needy patients.

Why to Choose DPU Hospital for Organ Transplant

DPU Private Super Specialty Hospital Pimpri Pune

At DPU Hospital, we are committed to providing organ transplants of the highest possible standard. Our primary goal is to guarantee that our patients have access to high-quality care while simultaneously ensuring that our services are affordable for everyone. We are proud to be one of Maharashtra's most successful organ transplant centres.

  • Expert medical team
  • Availability of the most up-to-date medical equipment
  • Use of the most advanced technologies
  • Exceptional post-operative care
  • A special team available round-the-clock
  • Economical solutions
  • Up-to-date OT technology
  • High success rate

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Want To Know More About Organ Transplants?

If you need any help resolving your queries regarding organ donation or looking for an organ transplant, kindly get in touch with our experts today!

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