Ophthalmology is a medical specialty dealing with diagnosis and treatment of eye related disorders.

At DPU Hospital, we have a state-of-the-art department of ophthalmology, well equipped with latest technology and advanced machinery for diagnosis and treatment of all eye related disorders. All these services are at par with leading eye institutes and are available at very economical charges as compared.

Patients can be benefitted with state government schemes like MJPJAY, which is available at our institute for various surgeries.

Cashless surgeries are being done for patients under various schemes like CGHS, ECHS, and various insurance schemes.

At DPU Hospital we have all the facilities required various ophthalmic sub specilaities like cataract, cornea, Paediatric ophthalmology, oculoplasty, glaucoma, neuro Ophthalmology and retina, all under one roof.

Our Specialties

Cataract surgery: cataract is clouding of crystalline lens which is generally age related but can be seen in children as well and can affect all age groups. At DPU Hospital we have facility for suture less cataract surgery by phacoemulsification technique and implantation of foldable intra-ocular lens

Cornea: our department is equipped with eye bank and all the facility required for retrieval and storage of corneal tissue. We have an expert team of cornea specialist for treatment of all cornea related disorders including corneal transplant surgery.

paediatric ophthalmology: eye related problems in children including squint/ cross-eyes, congenital cataracts, are best treated by this ophthalmic sub specialty. At DPU Hospital we have a dedicated specialist for diagnosis and treatment of all paediatric eye related disorders.

Oculoplasty: this sub-specialty deals with disorders of lacrimal system of the eye such as Dacryocystitis, eye lid related disorders like drooping of upper eyelids (ptosis), forward buldging of eyeball (proptosis), fungal infection also known as black fungus or mucormycosis which has been on a rise in COVID 19 pandemic.

Glaucoma: at DPU Hospital we have all diagnostic tests like perimetry, OCT available for detection of glaucoma. We have glaucoma specialist for providing the required medical as well as surgical treatment.

Retina: retinal disorders like diabetic retinopathy, hypertensive retinopathy, age related macular degenerations, retinal detachments, retinopathy of prematurity can be diagnosed and treatment in the form of intravitreal injections, retinal laser photocoagulation, vitreoretinal surgery provided at department of ophthalmology at DPU Hospital.

Modern Treatments Available or Technology / Infrastructure available

Ophthalmology OPD: Zeiss OCT machine, Zeiss green laser machine, YAG laser machine, Topcon specular microscope, Zeiss perimetry machine, B scan ultrasonography, Fundus camera

Ophthalmology operation theatre: Modular OT, Zeiss VISU 160 ophthalmic microscope with inverter and BIOM, Zeiss surgical microscopes, Zeiss visalis phacoemulsification cataract surgery machine, Alcon legion phacoemulsification system, Vitrectomy machine, Endolaser machine

Surgery Capabilities

  • Anterior segment surgeries: cataract surgeries, pterygium + CLAG, glaucoma surgeries, corneal surgeries including corneal transplant surgeries, post trauma globe repair surgeries, lacrimal sac surgeries, orbitotomy surgery, paediatric cataract surgery, squint correction surgery, ptosis and eye lid surgeries.
  • Posterior segment surgeries: vitrectomy sugery, retinal detachment correction surgery, macular hole surgery, intraocular foreign body removal surgery, correction of complicated cataract sugeries, secondary intra-ocular lens implantation, Advanced retinopathy of prematurity surgeries, intra-vitreal anti VEGF injections.

Opticals & Optometric Clinic

In-house Professional Optometry & Optical services have been started for all patients, staff & students in campus. We provide Highly Professional services at Special rates.

Our Optical Services

  • Single Vision and Progressive Lenses
  • Ultrathin Lens Materials
  • Transitions® and Transitions XTra Active® Lenses
  • Purecoat®
  • Crizal®
  • Non-Glare/Anti-Static Lenses
  • Sunglasses Polarized
  • UV Protection Specialty
  • Occupational Lenses
  • Outside Prescriptions Welcome

Also Available

  • Prescription Sunglasses
  • Prescription Contact lenses
  • All Type Specialized Contact Lenses
  • Contact lens fitting and Counselling
  • Contact Lens Solution
  • Colour Vision Assessment
  • Dry Eye Assessment
  • Personalized Fitted Lenses
  • Frame & Accessories

Our Team

Dr. Shashi Prabha Prasad

Prof & HOD

Dr. Renu Mohan Magdum


Dr. Deepaswi Bhavsar


Dr. Varsha Manade


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