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First Robotic Surgery Conducted at DPU Hospital

The first robotic surgery was performed on 25th June 2018 with the help of the advanced fourth-generation robot of Da Vinci Xi Company at Dr D. Y. Patil Medical, Hospital and Research Centre, Pimpri, Pune. A woman of 40 years from Ambegoan was admitted to the hospital with kidney stones on both sides.

Since the left kidney stone was relatively small so it was removed by laparoscopic surgery (a small keyhole surgery). However, the kidney stone on the right side was large & branched and would have needed multiple punctures of the kidney for complete removal. A big incision measuring about 15 cm would have been needed to remove this stone by open surgery and chances of blood loss and infection would have been more. To avoid this, the doctors decided to opt for a Robotic-Assisted Laparoscopic Pyelolithotomy, a Minimal Access Surgery that needs 4 small holes of 5 mm each. The stone was removed intact and the surgery was successful.

Dr V. P. Sable, Department of Urology & his team worked hard to carry out this surgery.

This Robot was purchased at a cost of 20 Crores & was installed with a mission to provide the best Healthcare services at an affordable price, with active interest, blessing & support of Chancellor Dr P. D Patil and Mrs Bhagyashree Patil, Vice President of D. Y. Patil University Society. Dean of College Dr J. S. Bhawalkar made their mission possible.