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News & Events

Celebrating the nurses - The backbone of our hospital

Celebrating the nurses at Dr. D.Y. Patil Private Super Specialty Hospital - The backbone of our hospital.

Led by Dr. P. D. Patil (Chancellor), Dr. Bhagyashree Patil (Pro-Chancellor), Dr. Yashraj Patil (Trustee and Treasurer), Dr. N. Pawar (Vice-Chancellor), Lakshmi Priya Parida (Deputy Director of Nursing), the hospital expressed deep appreciation for the dedicated nurses who play a crucial role in the medical field.

Over 350 nurses enthusiastically participated in the event, showcasing their talents through various competitions. Additionally, the hospital took the opportunity to unveil a special information booklet on 'Critical Care Nursing' and pay tribute to the exceptional nurses who have made remarkable contributions to the hospital's continued success.

At Dr. D. Y. Patil Private Super Specialty Hospital, we take immense pride in our nurses, and their unwavering commitment to patient care and well-being is truly commendable.