Plastic Surgery health benefits

Beauty and beyond: Discover 7 health benefits of plastic surgery

Plastic Surgery health benefits

Plastic surgery has gained immense popularity in recent years, allowing people to enhance their appearance and self-esteem. However, enhancing physical appearance is just one of many possible benefits plastic surgery can provide.

Plastic surgery has two sub-terms: "reconstructive plastic surgery" and "cosmetic surgery." Though they may seem similar, they represent different types of procedures.

What is reconstructive surgery?

Reconstructive surgery repairs injuries and deformities from trauma and restores a natural-looking appearance. You may need this type of surgery if you have:

  • Congenital disabilities
  • Burns
  • Medical conditions like head, neck, or breast cancer
  • Scars that prevent natural movement
  • Severe injuries from cuts or tears over the skin

What is cosmetic Surgery?

Cosmetic surgery procedures address physical features that make you self-conscious. This procedure brings you closer to your ideal body image. This surgery changes features like:

  • Shape
  • Size
  • Symmetry (creating a mirror image between two similar body parts, such as breasts)

But what is the purpose of plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery aims to enhance the appearance of or treat areas of the body that are not functioning correctly. For instance, a person may wish to undergo plastic surgery to help treat severe burns, reconstruct the breast after a mastectomy, or congenital disabilities.

On the other hand, cosmetic surgery is elective. In this procedure, a person chooses to undergo the procedure rather than do so at the recommendation of a healthcare professional.

However, plastic and reconstructive surgery procedures come with risks.
The likelihood of complications depends on various factors. They include surgery type, health history and lifestyle factors such as smoking.

Some complications may occur during Surgery, while others can develop after recovery.

One of the main risks is that you might need to achieve the result that you were expecting.
Other potential risks of plastic surgery include:

  • Abnormal scarring.
  • Blood clots.
  • Blood loss.
  • Complications of anaesthesia, such as respiratory issues during your procedure.
  • Fluid build-up (oedema).
  • Infection.
  • Nerve damage leads to neuropathy.
  • Scarring that prevents natural movement.
  • Slow-healing wounds and incisions that take longer than expected to heal.
Now that you know about the risks you will be taking by opting for plastic surgery, read the benefits you will also enjoy.

7 surprising benefits of plastic surgery

Plastic surgery's benefits are tremendous and not known to many people. Plastic surgery's benefits are aesthetic and include increased confidence, reduced weight, etc.
Some of the benefits of plastic surgery are:

  1. 1. Improved mental health:

Plastic Surgeries have been found to improve the mental health of people. Researchers have found that plastic surgery can increase happiness and boost patients' self-esteem. It was found that plastic surgery made people less sad, less depressed, and less socially anxious. One of the most essential benefits of plastic surgery is a more excellent quality of life for people—changes in your physical appearance, whether a tummy tuck or facelift, boosts your self-confidence.
  1. 2. Pain reduction:

Various plastic surgery procedures are done for pain reduction. They reduce the patient's need for pain relievers. Pain relievers can harm your kidneys, and thus, their overconsumption is strictly prohibited. Large Breasts cause immense pain to women, and thus, breast reduction is done to reduce the pain. Excess amounts of skin are also painful and irritating; to lessen that pain, plastic surgery is done.
  1. 3. Improvement in breathing:

The most common plastic surgery procedure worldwide is "Rhinoplasty", called "Nose Job". This surgery is done to treat a deviated septum. The septum is a wall between the nasal passages and can hinder breathing. When the septum gets unaligned, it causes various problems like Pain, Difficulty Breathing, Swelling, Sinus infection, Excessive Dryness, etc. Thus, Rhinoplasty fixes the septum. Therefore, Improved Breathing is one of the most essential benefits of plastic surgery.
  1. 4. Reduction in skin irritation:

Sometimes, when you lose a lot of weight or have given birth, you have a lot of excess skin. This skin is a cause of rashes, infections, and skin irritation. Thus, one must undergo a surgical process to eliminate this excess skin. Many men who have breasts that cause them irritation also undergo this procedure to get rid of skin irritation. This also increases their self-esteem.
  1. 5. Weight loss:

One of the benefits of plastic surgery is Weight loss. Breast and skin reduction helps a patient lose a few pounds. Another procedure that helps in weight loss is Liposuction, which removes excess fat from the human body. Weight reduction alters the appearance of an individual and makes them feel happier and more beautiful.
  1. 6. Reduced chances of cardiovascular diseases:

It may come as a shock, but one of the benefits of plastic surgery is reduced chances of Cardiovascular diseases. Removing large amounts of fats from the body decreases the chances of cardiovascular diseases. This also keeps you motivated to follow a diet and not get your weight increased.
  1. 7. Vision improvement:

When the skin of the face or eyelids is sagging, it hinders an individual's vision. To improve this vision, you can undergo some procedures like Blepharoplasty. Thus, one of the benefits of plastic surgery is improved vision.

A note from DPU Super Specialty Hospital, Pimpri, Pune

Even though plastic or cosmetic surgery may help improve a person's confidence. The surgery can also come with risks, and people may need more than the results. Before undergoing plastic or cosmetic surgery, people should research the best multispecialty hospital in Pune they need to visit.

If a person is considering surgery, they should look for surgeons with extensive experience and training and speak with a healthcare professional.